The Best Countries for British Expats to Move to in 2023

by | Thursday 29th June 2023

There is no denying the appeal of moving abroad, especially if you are planning to move somewhere with a warmer climate and a better quality of life. It’s something that thousands of Brits do each and every year, for a variety of reasons and to a range of places. Some head to France to live life that’s rich in culture and history, whereas others head to Australia for a beachside change of pace.

Some expats relocate to Dubai to further their career, whereas others want to retire in sunny Spain. There really are very few limits as to where you can move as an expat, but some countries are certainly more popular than others.

In this blog, we have taken a look at the best countries for British expats to move to in 2023, and why they will continue to remain popular.

The Most Popular Countries for British Expats Moving Abroad

Though the top countries for British expats to move to can vary based on individual preferences and circumstances, there are a selection of places that really stand out as being especially popular for those moving from the UK. Below, we have listed some of the most popular options for expats planning an international move.


1. Australia

Uluru in Australia

There are a lot of reasons to love Australia, and it’s not just the favourable climate that draws expats in. Australia offers a high standard of living, a similar language and culture to the UK, and there is already an established expat community in various parts of the country.

Though Australia couldn’t be further from home, it has long been one of the top countries for Brits who are looking to relocate in search of a more relaxed way of life. It has a strong economy and a range of employment opportunities, particularly in sectors such as healthcare, engineering and construction.


2. Spain

sunny beach in Spain

When a lot of people think about moving abroad from the UK, they think of Spain. Spain is a popular choice for British expats due to its warm climate, affordable cost of living and relaxed lifestyle.

Plus, it’s relatively close to home, which makes it easy to visit friends and family. It’s a country that a lot of Brits are familiar with due to the popularity of Spanish holiday destinations, and so people know what to expect. Spain has a large British expat community, especially in areas like the Costa del Sol and the Balearic Islands, and many view the country as a home away from home.


3. New Zealand

beautiful scenery in New Zealand

Known for its stunning landscapes and outdoor activities, New Zealand offers a high quality of life for those looking to venture further afield. It has a strong education system, healthcare and a diverse range of job opportunities, particularly in sectors like technology, agriculture and tourism.

New Zealand is known for being a safe, welcoming and family-friendly place to live, and these are all attractive features for British expats. One of the biggest draws of New Zealand is the unique experiences on offer, many of which just aren’t possible in the UK.


4. USA

USA Hollywood sign LA

The United States provides diverse opportunities for British expats, and many people head there in search of The American Dream. It has a vibrant and diverse culture, excellent job prospects and some of the world’s top universities.

Though the cost of living can vary significantly depending on the city or state, many British expats find it to be a more affordable place to live, compared to their base in the UK. The USA is a vast country, and relocating there provides an excellent base to travel from. Whether it’s skiing in Colorado or surfing in California, there is no shortage of things to do when you live in the USA.


5. Canada

Canada mountains and lakes

Canada is known for its welcoming nature, diverse culture and incredible landscapes. It offers excellent healthcare and education systems, as well as numerous job opportunities, particularly in sectors like IT, engineering and healthcare.

Canada is vast and the landscape is varied, which appeals to British expats who enjoy spending time in the great outdoors. From the Rocky Mountains to French-speaking Quebec, Canada has a lot to offer.

It also has the benefit of sharing a language with the UK, making the move a simple one in terms of integrating with the local community.


6. Dubai / UAE

Dubai city in UAE

 One of the main attractions of moving to Dubai  and the United Arab Emirates is the absence of personal income tax. This means that individuals can potentially enjoy higher take home pay and financial benefits compared to living in the UK. Dubai is also a global business and financial hub, offering a wide range of job opportunities across various industries.

Many multinational companies have their headquarters in Dubai and the UAE, providing the chance for career advancement and professional growth. It’s a country known for its luxurious lifestyle and the city boasts world class amenities and a high quality of life, with a focus on luxury and comfort.


7. Portugal

Portugal Algarve beach

Portugal offers a relaxed lifestyle, beautiful beaches and a low cost of living compared to a lot of other places in Europe, so it’s easy to see why it’s one of the top countries for expats to move to in 2023.

Portugal is known for its mild Mediterranean climate, with plenty of sunshine and relatively warm temperatures throughout the year. This can be a significant draw for those seeking a sunnier and more reliable climate compared to the often unpredictable weather in the UK.

Portugal also has the benefit of being in the same time zone as the UK, making it easy for British expats to keep in touch with loved ones back home.


8. Cyprus

Cyprus relaxing on beach

Cyprus has a warm climate, beautiful beaches and a low cost of living. It boasts a relaxed Mediterranean lifestyle and year round sunshine, with long summers and mild winters.

The island offers a relaxed and outdoor lifestyle, with beautiful beaches, picturesque landscapes and a rich heritage. The combination of a pleasant climate and an attractive lifestyle can be appealing to individuals seeking a change from the UK’s weather and a more leisurely pace of life.

Plus, English is widely spoken and they drive on the left, making it easier for British expats to integrate.


9. Italy

beautiful Venice Italy

 Italy is known for its rich history, culture and cuisine. It offers a high quality of life, particularly in bustly cities such as Rome, Florence and Milan.

Italy is renowned for its historical sites, art and cuisine. Living in Italy provides an opportunity to fully immerse in everything that the country has to offer, in a way that can’t be done with a simple holiday.

The Italian lifestyle focuses on taking the time to savour good food, enjoy socialising and appreciate the simple pleasures of life, and this is hugely appealing to expats. Living in Italy can provide a slower pace of life, a focus on work-life balance and a strong sense of community.


10. Singapore

Singapore city skyline

Singapore is a vibrant and cosmopolitan place to live with a strong economy and excellent infrastructure. It offers a high standard of living, safety and a range of job opportunities, particularly in finance, technology and healthcare.

Singapore is known for its strong and stable economy, making it an attractive destination for professionals seeking career advancement and business opportunities. Singapore consistently ranks as one of the safest countries in the world. It has a low crime rate, efficient law enforcement and strict regulations, creating a safe and secure environment for residents. This can provide peace of mind, particularly for those relocating with families.

Additionally, English is widely spoken in Singapore.


11. Malta

Malta Island

Malta boasts a Mediterranean climate with mild winters and long, sunny summers. The island has beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters, creating a tropical feel. This is vastly different to what expats are used to in the UK, and it makes for a good change of pace.

The pleasant climate and leisurely pace of life can be appealing to individuals seeking a change from the UK’s weather and a more laid-back lifestyle. English is an official language in Malta, along with Maltese. This makes it easier for English speaking individuals to adapt and communicate in daily life, making the transition smoother when moving from the UK.


12. France

lavender fields Provance France

One of the top countries to move to from the UK is France but also the most visited country in the world, and it’s easy to see why. France is close by and it’s a country that a lot of people have already been to, so there is less fear of the unknown and expats can familiarise themselves with the country before making a permanent transition.

From the sunny coastline to the alpine regions in the French Alps, there are various locations in France to suit different preferences. Individuals seeking milder winters, warmer summers, and the opportunity for outdoor activities are likely to find that France ticks a lot of boxes.

Moving to France provides an opportunity to learn or improve French language skills, something that many expats are keen to do. Being able to speak French can enhance job prospects globally, as well as open doors to a broader range of experiences and connections.


13. Germany

old town Germany

There are a lot of places to move to in Europe, and Germany is one that is slowly growing in popularity. Germany has a strong economy, excellent healthcare and impressive education systems.

It offers a high standard of living and a range of job opportunities, particularly in engineering, technology and manufacturing sectors. Germany’s location makes it an ideal base for travelling around Europe, and expats have easy access to neighbouring countries, allowing for weekend getaways and exploring new places.


14. South Africa

Cape Town South Africa

South Africa boasts stunning landscapes, including picturesque coastlines, mountains, national parks and wildlife reserves, which are hard to come by in a lot of the top countries that attracts  both expats and returning South Africans alike.

The pleasant weather and natural beauty can be attractive to individuals seeking a change from the UK’s climate, and those who want a more outdoor-oriented lifestyle. South Africa is renowned for its incredible wildlife and safari experiences. Living in South Africa allows for easier access to these unique experiences, many of which are hard to find elsewhere.

As you can see, there are a number of top countries for British expats to consider in 2023, so you won’t find yourself short of choice. Regardless of whether you are seeking a sunnier climate or a more luxurious way of life, you won’t be limited on places to consider for your big move. One of the biggest hurdles to overcome when you are relocating abroad is moving your personal belongings, but we are on hand to help.


Why Do British Expats Move Abroad?

couple moving overseas

There are a lot of reasons why British expats move abroad, and it’s something that a lot of people do at some point in their life. Some people move abroad in search of a better quality of life for their families.

This can include factors such as a better climate, lower cost of living, improved work-life balance, access to nature or outdoor activities, or a more relaxed and less stressful environment.

Others choose to retire abroad to enjoy a different lifestyle, lower living costs, favourable climates, and to make the most of their new found free time. It’s also common for expats to move abroad for work opportunities, education or to be closer to loved ones.


How Can United International Removals Help?

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