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Moving to Singapore?
Our door-to-door international removals service will get you there in no time.

Get a quote for household removals to Singapore from the UK and discover our essential tips to make your move to Singapore as smooth and stress free as possible

Are you preparing to move to Singapore and seeking a reliable and reputable removal company? Our exceptional international removals service is dedicated to handling every aspect of your move, ensuring the best experience for you and your belongings from start to finish.

Renowned for its vibrant cityscape, cultural diversity, and thriving business environment, Singapore presents a world of opportunities and an unmatched standard of living. When embarking on this exciting journey, relocating to Singapore needs meticulous planning and expert guidance. United International Removals has your back with our extensive expertise in facilitating international moves to Singapore, we guarantee a well-managed relocation process at every stage.

Whether you envision immersing yourself in the cosmopolitan buzz of downtown Singapore, embracing the family-friendly atmosphere of the East Coast, or basking in the tranquillity of Sentosa Island, our dedicated team is fully equipped to assist you. From the iconic Marina Bay Sands to the lush greenery of the Botanic Gardens and the thriving business districts, we’ll take you to whichever corner of Singapore you have your heart set on.

Allow us to handle your relocation to Singapore while you focus on embracing the dynamic lifestyle of this city-state. Whether you’re indulging in a diverse culinary scene or immersing yourself in the rich cultural heritage, Singapore offers an extraordinary and cosmopolitan experience.

Fill out our online form, and we will promptly provide you with a quote for your overseas removal to Singapore. If you prefer to speak with us directly, feel free to call us at 01942 55710. Our team is ready to answer all your inquiries and ensure the success of your relocation to Singapore.

We’ll Handle It! – No matter Where In Singapore You Are Moving To!

Our comprehensive service and expert teams will take care of everything for you, no matter how big or small your move.

Our removals to Singapore service includes:

  • Complete door-to-door service
  • Free video or home survey
  • Your own personal Move Coordinator
  • Highly experienced packing crews
  • Quality packing materials as standard
  • Full or shared load container shipping
  • Customs clearance dealt with on your behalf
  • Help with the required paperwork and documentation
  • Shipment Protection Cover available
  • Local teams to handle your delivery
  • Storage facilities available in the UK or in Singapore
expats in Singapore

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We offer a full and comprehensive Singapore shipping service…

Door-to-Door Service

We handle everything for you, taking the stress out of your international relocation.

Professional Export Packing

Our dedicated team of packers will ensure all your belongings are safe and secure.

Customs Clearance

Our local customs agents will ensure everything goes smoothly on arrival in your country.

Frequently Asked Questions About International Removals To Singapore

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How long do removals and shipping to Singapore take?

On average, we estimate around 6-9 weeks for a sole-use or full shipping container (FCL) and 8-12 weeks for shared shipping containers (LCL).

On arrival, your shipping container will need to be cleared by customs and how long this takes can vary depending on how busy the port is. For this reason, all shipping times are only estimates. It is important to mention that there is a good chance that a part load container, sometimes referred to as groupage or shared, will take longer to arrive than a full container load, FCL.

Unfortunately, the timescales for shipping to Singapore are not precise. We would love to be able to give our customers exact timings for international removals to Singapore, but several factors come into play when shipping internationally, and some of them are beyond our control.



How much do removals to Singapore from the UK cost?

The cost of removals to Singapore will depend on several factors, such as the volume of goods you are sending, what packing is required, and the distance you are from the port.

A part from the removals and shipping, additional costs will also need to be considered, such as optional insurance/shipment protection and Singapore customs inspection fees that need to be paid on arrival.

The best way to get a more accurate price or estimate is to call our team or request a removals quote online. They can also advise on reducing your removal costs to get the cheapest removals to Singapore .

NB: As prices are regularly changing, we highly recommend you contact us to get an estimate of current removal costs and book a free home or virtual survey so that we can give you a more accurate removals quote.

What is included in the cost for removals to Singapore?

We offer a fully comprehensive removals service to Singapore, which will take care of everything for you. The removals service includes door-to-door pick-up and delivery (not door-to-port), export packing by professional international removal packers, specialist cartons, crates and antique packing as required, help with customs paperwork and inventory listing, shipping via accredited shipping lines, transport to and from the port, customs clearance service.

Additional fees not included in your removal costs quote include customs inspection fees, duties and port fees payable on arrival in Singapore, storage services and maritime insurance or shipment protection cover, which is recommended but not required.

Beware of cheap removals quotes to Singapore which do not include all the costs.

Whats is the container shipping or removals process to Singapore?

Your household belongings and furniture will be shipped to Singapore via a sea freight service. The overseas removals service can be quite complicated, but with United Removals’, our expert teams will make the process as easy and stress free as possible. You can sit back and let us do all the heavy lifting!

Our Singapore removals service includes the following steps:

1) A home or video survey to provide you with an accurate quote or removal estimate.

2) A personal Move Coordinator to plan and manage all aspects of your home removal.

3) They will guide you through completing all the necessary paperwork for sea freight shipping, customs clearance and shipment protection.

4) On move day, our movers and packers will take care of all the packing and export wrapping of furniture and other belongings.

5) If you require a full-load container (either 20 ft or 40 ft), the shipping container will be delivered to your property and loaded by the packing crew.

6) For shared or part-load containers, your household goods and personal belongings will be taken in our removals van to one of our depots for loading onto the shipping container as groupage.

7) The container will then be sent by sea freight to Singapore.

8) On arrival at the port (we ship to all major ports in Singapore), our local partner agents will handle the customs process for you. Once your shipment has been cleared and all customs fees and duties paid, it will be released for final delivery.

9) Your belongings will then be delivered to their final destination to your new home address or to storage if required. Our partner, Singapore removals service, will then unload your goods and unpack furniture to ensure all your belongings arrive safely.

What about small moves to Singapore?

If you are only sending a few personal belongings, such as luggage and boxes, we recommend our baggage or box shipping service.

We can deliver boxes and other packing materials for you to self-pack. Once you are ready, we can collect them and deliver them to your address in Singapore.

Our baggage shipping service for small moves includes up to about 20 boxes or suitcases and can include items such as TVs, bicycles, surfboards and toolboxes.

Often it will be more cost effective for smaller shipments to be sent by our air freight service.

It does not, however, include large items of furniture.

Are there any prohibited and restricted items for Singapore I need to be aware of when packing?

Planning to travel or relocate to Singapore? It’s important to be aware of the prohibited and controlled items that you cannot bring into the country. When you are moving permanently, understanding the regulations will help ensure a smooth journey and avoid any legal issues as to what you can and cannot bring.

Prohibited Items:

  1. Endangered Species of Wildlife and their By-Products: Importing any items derived from endangered species of wildlife is strictly prohibited.
  2. Concealed Weapons and Imitation Firearms: Items such as cigarette lighters in the shape of pistols/revolvers, crossbows, and flick knives are not allowed to be imported.
  3. Firecrackers and Explosives: Importing firecrackers, including tube-sparklers and “pop-pop,” as well as arms and explosives, is prohibited.
  4. Offensive Weapons: Items such as knuckledusters, ninja stars, catapults/slingshots, and throwing knives are strictly prohibited.
  5. Obscene Articles: Importing obscene articles, publications, and discs is not permitted.
  6. Copyright Infringing Materials: Reproduction of copyright publications, software, video compact discs, laser discs, records, or cassettes without proper authorization is prohibited.
  7. Seditious and Treasonable Materials: Importing materials that promote sedition or treason is not allowed.
  8. Nicotine and Tobacco Products: Any product containing nicotine or tobacco that can be used topically, by implant, or injected into the body is prohibited.
  9. Controlled Drugs and Psychotropic Substances: Importing controlled drugs and psychotropic substances is strictly prohibited.
  10. Imitation Tobacco Products: Importing chewing tobacco and imitation tobacco products, including electronic cigarettes, is not permitted.
  11. Harmful Substances: Importing nasal stuff, oral stuff, gutkha, khaini, or zarda is prohibited.

Restricted Items:

  1. Animals, Birds, and their By-Products: Importing live animals, birds, and any products derived from them is subject to control and requires proper authorization.
  2. Endangered Species of Wildlife: Importing any items derived from endangered species of wildlife is strictly prohibited.
  3. Ornamental Fish: Importing ornamental fish requires compliance with specific regulations and may require an import license.
  4. Plants: Importing plants, including seeds, bulbs, and cut flowers, may require a phytosanitary certificate and compliance with plant health regulations.
  5. Fish and Seafood Products: Importing fish and seafood products, such as fresh or frozen fish, crustaceans, molluscs, and their processed forms, requires compliance with food safety standards and relevant regulations.
  6. Fruit and Vegetables: Importing fresh fruits and vegetables is subject to phytosanitary regulations and may require inspections and certifications.
  7. Meat and Meat Products: Importing meat and meat products, including poultry, beef, pork, and processed meat items, requires compliance with food safety regulations and health certificates.
  8. Toy Guns, Pistols, and Revolvers: Importing toy guns, pistols, and revolvers may require compliance with safety standards and regulations.
  9. Films, Videotapes, Videodiscs, and Laser Discs: Importing films, videotapes, videodiscs, and laser discs may be subject to censorship and licensing requirements.
  10. Medicines: Importing medicines may require approval from the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) and compliance with relevant regulations and licensing requirements.
  11. Pharmaceuticals: Importing pharmaceutical products, including prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications, requires compliance with regulatory requirements and licensing.

Please keep in mind that the information provided is a general overview. To obtain the most up-to-date and detailed information regarding prohibited and controlled items for import into Singapore, it is advisable to consult the official Singapore customs government website.

Do you provide an air freight service to Singapore?

If you only have a small number of personal effects to send to Singapore, then our air freight removal service is for you. We can provide you with boxes and cartons, or you can use your own bags and suitcases. This is the quickest removal service but also the most expensive. Many people, therefore, use a combination of both air freight and sea freight shipping services.

What if I have other questions about removals to Singapore?

You can check out our more detailed Singapore International Removals Guide below or why not call one of our advisers on 01942 557102?

They will be happy to answer all of your questions, give you some guideline prices and arrange a home survey consultation to provide a more accurate price.

We move hundreds of people and families to Singapore every year…

No matter where in the UK you are moving from and where in Singapore you are moving to, we are to help and provide a friendly, personal removals service.


Popular Singapore Destinations Include:

  • Central Region, Downtown Core, Central Business District (CBD)

  • East Region (Bedok, Tampines, and Changi)

  • North Region (Woodlands, Yishun, and Sembawang)

  • North-East Region (Hougang, Serangoon, and Punggol)

  • West Region (Jurong, Clementi, and Bukit Batok)


The United Removals complete guide to household removals to Singapore from the UK

Essential tips to make removals to Singapore easier and stress free

If you have not undertaken an international removal before then it can be daunting. There are a lot of things to consider. Our guide below gives you a quick overview of what you need to know about overseas removals from the UK to Singapore.

However, remember, your United Removals Move Coordinator will guide you step by step through the process and take care of the details for you.

Planning your move – Start early!

When it comes to any house move, planning and preparation are the most important things you should consider, and this is particularly important when you are moving overseas.

The best advice we can give you regarding removals to Singapore is to start planning everything early. Do not leave everything until the last minute; otherwise, you could find that you have forgotten something important.

We recommend you begin by booking your initial free home survey with us at least 3-6 months before moving. Whilst we do our best to accommodate last-minute and urgent moves, your relocation will be much smoother and stress free if you have time to prepare in advance.

Get quotes from about three specialist international removal companies

We recommend getting a few quotes for your move so you can compare the different styles of companies and ensure you are happy with their service. Make sure, however, that you are comparing like with like. For example, are the volumes the same? Is everything included?

Also, overseas removals are very different to domestic moves. It is therefore essential to ensure that your removalist is experienced, if not specialising in international moves.

We are confident that you’ll find your quote from United Removals to be very competitive and can be assured that standards of service are second to none.

Find the right balance of what to take and what to leave behind

In recent years, shipping costs have increased, so you may want to keep this in mind when you consider what you want to take with you to Singapore and what you can leave behind. However, it isn’t all bad news; remember, it becomes relatively cheaper as you ship more.

You need to think about the cost involved in replacing some of your items in Singapore if you are not sure about shipping them. Even when they are only small items, this cost can soon add up, particularly if there are a lot of belongings.

Research the cost of replacement items as some things are more expensive, and some may not even be available – it may turn out that shipping them may be more economical in the long run.

Storage services for your household goods in UK or Singapore

Will you need storage in the UK or Singapore?

Moving from one location in the UK to another is rarely the smooth process that people hope for, so it goes without saying that when you move to another country, the entire process can become a little trickier.

Often people find that they have a period of time once they have sold their property and before they move when they need to place their belongings in storage, which we can help you with.

We have several storage solutions depending on your needs. We can arrange storage for your personal effects in the UK before they are shipped or in Singapore after they arrive – whichever suits your situation.

If the issue is that you do not have a fixed address in Singapore to ship your belongings to, then we can arrange for your household goods and personal effects to be placed in storage in Singapore whilst you sort out accommodation.

Once you have a property ready, our local movers can arrange delivery of your belongings from storage.

Packing for your move to Singapore

Your belongings must be appropriately packed for shipping to Singapore. The journey is lengthy, and they will be moved from one form of transport to another more than once.

This means that there is a chance that items could move within your shipping container, and if they are not adequately protected, then they could become damaged.

A high standard of export packing is, therefore, essential, so it is recommended that you use a professional packing service. This will also save you a lot of time and stress.

Our team of professional packers are expertly trained to deal with all the issues encountered with export wrapping. The boxes that we use to transport all of your smaller items are double-walled, and we also ensure that all of your furniture is export wrapped to ensure that it arrives in good condition at your destination.

For those delicate and fragile items, such as artwork and antiques, we can arrange specialist packing to offer better protection to your articles. This includes custom-built crates.

Our expert packing team is here to help you with as little or as much of your packing process as you want. We offer all of our customers the following packing services:

  • Full international export standard packing & wrap service
  • Fully trained export packers
  • Provision of export quality boxes, cartons, packing paper & packing materials
  • Custom wood casing/crates, if required
  • Professional antique wrapping for delicate items
  • Advice on preparing your items for transport to Singapore
  • Premium grade disinfectant available for outdoor items
  • Complete inventory list for customs

You may wish to start packing some boxes before your move day. Speak to our team about using export quality cartons and remember you’ll need to keep an inventory of items for customs.

Preparing your items for removal and shipping

You will need to ensure all your belongings are clean and in condition before they are packed. It is also essential that they are dry to avoid mildew and mould forming on the long journey.

Take time to consider what items to take and what delicate and valuable need extra care when packing.

Shipping furniture to Singapore

Our international removals service is perfect for shipping your furniture to Singapore from the UK.

For furniture removals, every item is carefully packed or ‘export wrapped’ using packing materials such as blanket wrap. All furniture pieces, including sofas, armchairs, beds, tables and cupboards, can be packed and shipped in a container.

As large items are bulky, you consider which are cost effective to send. For example, most houses and apartments in Singapore have built-in wardrobes, so shipping these might not be worthwhile.

Arranging collection and shipping from Self-storage in the UK

You may wish to put your belongings in self-storage units whilst you are selling your property or waiting for your visa to come through.

Shipping your belongings to Singapore from storage is a simple process. If your household belongings and furniture are in self-storage units in the UK, our team can arrange to collect them and professionally pack them for shipping either at the self-storage unit or back at our depot.

If you wish to pre-pack yourself, please ensure you have appropriate international shipping cartons/boxes and that everything is carefully wrapped and packed for its journey.

Customs clearance and inspection

Many of our customers worry about customs clearance for all of their belongings when they arrive in Singapore. This is something that we can help you with. However, you may find the following helpful information when planning your move.

For non-Singaporeans importing used household goods & personal effects, GST Relief must be claimed within six months of the owners’ official arrival in Singapore. GST (Goods & Service Tax), if applicable, is 7% of the shipper’s declared value of goods (used value – not the insured value). The Owner of goods doesn’t need to be in Singapore to clear goods if all paperwork is completed in advance with a copy of their passport.

For Singapore Nationals or Permanent Residents importing used household goods & personal effects, GST relief applies, if the goods are all for personal use and the owner has lived abroad for more than six months.

Customs regulations and duties are subject to change, so it can be a good idea to check for the most up-to-date guidelines and information.

For your shipping container to be released, you will need to pay any customs duties, inspection fees, and also any other charges. These will be payable locally. Our agents in Singapore will be able to assist you with the customs clearance process.

The personal Move Coordinator who is assigned to you when you choose us to assist with your removal will be able to advise you with information regarding what you can and can’t take to Singapore and how you can prepare and clean your items for shipping. If you prefer, our expert packers can help you with this.

This information is essential as it can help minimise customs inspection and quarantine fees that the Singapore Customs Service may change.

Insurance and shipping protection

United International Removals take great care to ensure your belongings are well-packed and taken care of during their journey. We only use accredited shipping lines and partners to ensure the highest levels of service.

However, due to the nature of international shipping and removals, it is recommended that you take out your own maritime insurance policy or shipment protection cover for complete peace of mind. Just like when you mail a parcel overseas, the shipping company cannot cover the full value of your goods in the unlikely event of something going missing or being broken.

We can offer and recommend Shipment Protection Cover that is highly flexible and will offer you lots of advantages.

This cover is simple and easy to put in place. All that is required is the completion of a shipment protection valuation form detailing the items that need to be covered and their value.

The shipment protection costs are calculated on the value that you want to cover and are based on whether you have packed the items or they have been packed professionally.

Shipping cars and other motor vehicles with your removal

It is possible to ship your car or other vehicles in a 40 ft container alongside your house contents.

However, Singapore does have strict import criteria for cars so speak to our team to ensure that importing your vehicle is feasible and cost effective.

Some paperwork will be required but we can help you ensure it is all completed correctly and our agents will take care of customs clearance for you.

A Practical Guide To Moving To Singapore

Essential advice to help make your move to Singapore breeze!

Relocating to Singapore is an exciting endeavour, but it can also be a daunting task. With its vibrant cities, diverse culture, and thriving opportunities, Singapore offers a unique experience for expats. In this guide, we provide valuable advice to help you navigate the process of finding a new home, securing a job, and discovering the perfect neighbourhood in this dynamic city-state.

Where to move to in Singapore?

Looking to embark on a new adventure in the vibrant city-state of Singapore? With its diverse culture, thriving economy, and modern infrastructure, Singapore offers an enticing destination for individuals seeking new opportunities. Whether you are drawn to the bustling city life, the world-class cuisine, or the picturesque landscapes, our first-class relocation services can help you make a seamless transition.

  1. Singapore City: Singapore City, also known as the Downtown Core, is the central business district and the main tourist hub in Singapore. It offers a wide range of attractions, including Marina Bay Sands, Gardens by the Bay, Clarke Quay, and the Merlion Park. Singapore City is known for its modern skyline, shopping districts and diverse culinary scene.
  2. Sentosa: Sentosa is a resort island and a popular tourist destination in Singapore. It offers a variety of attractions and entertainment options, including Universal Studios Singapore, Adventure Cove Waterpark, and beautiful sandy beaches. Sentosa is known for its luxury resorts, golf courses, and vibrant nightlife, making it an attractive choice for tourists and expats seeking leisure and entertainment.
  3. Orchard Road: Orchard Road is Singapore’s premier shopping district and a favourite destination for retail therapy. It is lined with upscale malls, department stores, designer boutiques, and international brands. Orchard Road also offers a diverse range of dining options, making it a popular choice for shopping enthusiasts and food lovers.
  4. Clarke Quay: A riverside quay located along the Singapore River, it is famous for its vibrant nightlife, riverside restaurants, and bars. Clarke Quay offers a lively atmosphere, live music performances, and picturesque views of the river. It is a popular spot for both tourists and expats to socialize and enjoy the nightlife scene.
  5. Marina Bay: Marina Bay is a waterfront district that features several iconic landmarks, including Marina Bay Sands and the futuristic Gardens by the Bay. The area offers breathtaking views, waterfront promenades, and a range of dining and entertainment options. Marina Bay is a must-visit destination for its impressive architecture and cultural attractions.
  6. Chinatown: Chinatown is a vibrant district in Singapore that showcases the city’s rich cultural heritage. It features traditional shophouses, colourful streets, and historic temples. Chinatown offers a diverse culinary scene with a wide selection of Chinese, Malay, and Indian cuisine. Visitors can explore street markets, visit traditional medicine halls, and immerse themselves in the vibrant atmosphere.
  7. Little India: Little India is a vibrant ethnic enclave in Singapore that showcases Indian culture and heritage. It is known for its bustling streets, aromatic spice shops and traditional clothing stores. Little India offers a vibrant atmosphere, authentic Indian cuisine, and cultural festivals throughout the year. It is a favourite spot for expats and tourists to experience the Indian community’s vibrant traditions.
  8. Kampong Glam: Kampong Glam is a historic neighbourhood in Singapore known for its Malay and Arab influences. It is home to the iconic Sultan Mosque and traditional eateries. Kampong Glam offers a mix of trendy cafes, boutique shops, and cultural attractions. It is a popular destination for its rich history, vibrant street art, and the vibrant Arab Street with its unique shops and cafes.

These districts of Singapore offer a mix of cultural experiences, entertainment, shopping, and dining options, making them popular among tourists and expats alike. Whether you’re interested in exploring the city’s modern attractions or immersing yourself in its diverse cultural heritage, Singapore has something for everyone.

Buying property in Singapore

Entering the real estate market in Singapore offers an excellent opportunity for foreigners looking to invest in property. Singapore’s property landscape is known for its stability and high-quality developments. However, it’s important to understand the specific regulations and processes involved in purchasing property in the country.

Foreigners are eligible to buy certain types of properties in Singapore, including condominiums, apartments, and landed houses in designated areas. These areas are classified as “restricted residential properties” and require approval from the Singapore Land Authority (SLA). It’s advisable to engage the services of a licensed real estate agent who specializes in the Singapore market to navigate the buying process.

To ensure a smooth property transaction, it’s essential to conduct due diligence and engage professionals such as lawyers and property valuers. They can help review legal documents, perform property inspections, and provide guidance throughout the buying process. Additionally, you can refer to official government portals like the SLA website for detailed information on property ownership regulations and requirements.

Relocating your pets

If you plan to bring your pets to Singapore, there are specific regulations and procedures that must be followed to ensure their safe and legal entry into the country. The Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) is the governing body responsible for pet importation. Click here to find detailed guidelines and requirements for pet owners.

Before bringing your pet to Singapore, you must ensure they are microchipped for identification purposes. Additionally, they must have a valid rabies vaccination certificate and undergo a mandatory quarantine period at an approved quarantine facility upon arrival. The length of quarantine can vary depending on the country of origin.

Looking for a job in Singapore

Singapore is a popular destination for expatriates seeking employment opportunities. The country’s strong economy and business-friendly environment offer a wide range of job prospects across various industries. However, it’s important to be aware of the local job market and visa requirements before making the move.

Visas for moving to Singapore

To work in Singapore, foreigners must have a valid work visa. Click here to find information on employment regulations, it’s a valuable resource for understanding the different types of work passes available and the requirements for each.

The most common work pass in Singapore is the Employment Pass (EP), which is aimed at professionals, managers, and executives. Other work passes include the S Pass for mid-level skilled workers and the Work Permit for lower-skilled workers in specific industries. It’s essential to meet the eligibility criteria and secure a job offer from a Singapore-based employer before applying for a work pass.

Transferring money to Singapore

When relocating to Singapore, it’s important to consider the process of transferring money to the country. Singapore has a well-developed banking system and offers various options for international money transfers. To ensure a smooth and cost-effective transfer, it’s advisable to consult with a foreign currency specialist or a reputable bank that offers international transfer services.


We understand that relocating to Singapore is an exciting endeavour, and we are here to support you every step of the way. Our expert team is well-equipped to assist you in planning the packing and removal of your belongings, ensuring a smooth transition to your new home in Singapore.

Whether you are moving from the UK or any other part of the world, our experienced team will provide comprehensive relocation services tailored to your specific needs. From packing your cherished possessions with care to coordinating the logistics of transportation, we are dedicated to making your move to Singapore as seamless as possible.

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Our experienced advisers and Move Co-Ordinators handle international moves every day – all over the world. They will be happy to talk to you about your move, explain all the processes, answer all your questions and put your mind at ease!


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