Where in Australia Should You Move To?

by | Friday 18th August 2023

The best states and cities in Australia, including their pros and cons so you can decide where you should live

When it comes to relocating abroad, Australia is at the top of a lot of Brits’ lists. It’s easy to see why, considering that a lot of the country boasts unbeatable weather and beautiful scenery. You can move from the UK to Australia, knowing that there won’t be a language barrier, knowing that the cultures are somewhat similar.

But, Australia is a big place, so you will need to narrow down your specific destination. You might have a busy city like Sydney or Melbourne in mind, or somewhere with a more rural and countryside feel, such as Hobart. It’s also important to remember that some areas are easier to get a visa for on the Regional Migration Programme, which might sway you towards a specific area.

Below, we have listed the pros and cons of living in various places in Australia, which is sure to help you settle on an exact destination.

The Pros and Cons of Living in Each State in Australia

1. Sydney and New South Wales

moving to Sydney and New South Wales

When a lot of people think about moving to Australia, they have Sydney and New South Wales in mind. It’s where you will find a lot of Australia’s iconic landmarks, cities, sunshine and beaches.

Job Opportunities

Sydney is Australia’s economic hub, offering a wide range of job opportunities across various industries, including finance, technology and healthcare.

Cultural Diversity

Sydney is a melting pot of cultures, with people from all around the world living there. This diversity contributes to a rich cultural scene, diverse cuisines,and a variety of cultural events.


Sydney is home to several prestigious universities and educational institutions, making it an attractive destination for students seeking quality education.

Natural Beauty

Sydney is famous for its stunning harbour, iconic landmarks like the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge, and beautiful beaches such as Bondi and Manly.

Outdoor Lifestyle

The city’s pleasant climate and access to beaches and parks encourage an outdoor lifestyle, including activities like surfing, hiking and picnicking.

Of course, there are a handful of downsides of living in Sydney. For example, Sydney has one of the highest costs of living in Australia, including expensive housing, transportation and general expenses. Sydney’s real estate market can be highly competitive and expensive, making it challenging to find affordable housing, particularly in desirable neighbourhoods.

2. Melbourne and Victoria

moving to Melbourne and Victoria Australia

If you are in search of a slightly colder climate for some of the year, Melbourne and Victoria are worth considering. Melbourne has a lot of the same qualities as UK cities such as London, but with the benefits of being on the coast.

Cultural Hub

Melbourne is known for its vibrant arts, music and cultural scene. It hosts numerous festivals, exhibitions, concerts, and events throughout the year.

Food and Coffee Culture

Melbourne is famous for its diverse culinary scene, offering a wide range of international cuisines. The city is also renowned for its high quality coffee and café culture.

Public Transport

Melbourne has an extensive and well connected public transportation system, including trams, trains. and buses. This makes getting around the city and the rest of Victoria relatively convenient.

Diverse Neighbourhoods

Melbourne’s neighbourhoods each have their own unique charm and character, allowing you to choose a living environment that suits your preferences.

Green Spaces

The city and the surrounding areas of Victoria are known for its parks and gardens, providing plenty of outdoor spaces for relaxation, recreation and picnics.

Despite the pros of living in Melbourne, there are a few cons to think about. For example,

Melbourne’s weather can be unpredictable, with rapid changes from sunny to rainy or cold to warm, sometimes within the same day. Plus, Victoria experiences colder winters compared to other Australian cities, which might not be preferred by individuals who enjoy warmer climates.Similar to Sydney, Melbourne has experienced rising housing costs, which can make finding affordable accommodation challenging, especially in desirable areas.

3. Adelaide and South Australia

moving to Adelaide South Australia

Adelaide is the capital city of South Australia, known for its affordability and quality of life, and it attracts a lot of expats. It’s an area that finds the balance between city life, and a slower, more relaxed lifestyle.

Affordable Housing

Compared to larger cities like Sydney and Melbourne, Adelaide generally offers more affordable housing options, making it a more budget friendly choice.

Relaxed Lifestyle

Adelaide is known for its relaxed and laid back lifestyle. The city’s smaller size and slower pace can be appealing for individuals who prefer a less hectic environment.

Wine and Food

South Australia is famous for its wine regions, including the Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale. Adelaide’s culinary scene also features a mix of local and international cuisine.

Beautiful Beaches

The city is situated close to beautiful beaches along the coastline of Gulf St Vincent, providing opportunities for relaxation and water activities.

Access to Nature

South Australia’s landscapes include stunning natural attractions like the Flinders Ranges and Kangaroo Island, which are accessible for outdoor enthusiasts.

Adelaide’s job market is smaller and more specialised compared to larger cities, which could potentially limit career opportunities, especially in certain industries. While there are jobs available, the diversity of job opportunities might be more limited compared to larger cities with broader economies. It’s also important to note that though a public transport system exists, it might not cover all areas as comprehensively as in larger cities.

4. Brisbane, The Gold Coast and Queensland

moving to Brisbane and Queensland

When a lot of people think about Australia, they picture beautiful beaches and year round sunshine, and that’s exactly what Queensland has to offer.


Brisbane enjoys a subtropical climate with mild winters and warm summers, making it an attractive destination for those who prefer a warmer climate.

Outdoor Activities

With parks, botanical gardens, and the Brisbane River, the city offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities and recreational pursuits.

Proximity to Natural Attractions

Brisbane is located close to popular natural attractions like the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, and Moreton Bay islands.

Beaches and Natural Beauty

The Gold Coast is known for its stunning beaches and offers a beachside lifestyle with water activities and recreational opportunities. Queensland offers diverse natural landscapes, including rainforests, beaches, and the Great Barrier Reef.

Tourism and Hospitality

The city’s economy is closely tied to tourism and hospitality, offering job opportunities in these sectors, especially during the summer months.

Though Brisbane and Queensland are attractive places to relocate to, the summer can be quite hot and humid, which might not be preferred by everyone. This also means that the area’s economy is influenced by tourism, which can lead to seasonal fluctuations in job availability and rental costs. While tourism is a significant industry, job diversity might be more limited compared to larger cities

5. Perth and Western Australia

moving to Perth and Western Australia

Perth is a wonderful city in Western Australia, but it’s often overlooked by expats relocating abroad. It boasts beautiful beaches, landscape and a lot of time spent outdoors.

Beautiful Beaches and Landscape

Western Australia is renowned for its pristine and uncrowded beaches, making it an ideal destination for beach lovers and water enthusiasts. The area also offers diverse landscapes including stunning coastlines, national parks and deserts.

Outdoor Activities

Western Australia provides ample opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, surfing, snorkelling and more.

Mild Climate

Perth enjoys a Mediterranean climate with mild winters and warm summers, providing comfortable weather for much of the year.

Job Opportunities

The state’s economy is driven by industries like mining, resources, agriculture, and tourism, offering job opportunities in various sectors.

Cultural Events

The city hosts various cultural events, festivals, and exhibitions that contribute to its cultural vibrancy.

One of the key things to remember before choosing Perth and Western Australia as your destination is how geographically isolated it is from other major Australian cities. This could lead to longer travel times and potentially higher travel costs. If you’re in more remote areas of Western Australia, access to certain services and amenities might be limited. Also, the economy is closely tied to industries like mining, which can lead to job market fluctuations based on commodity prices.

6. Canberra and the Australian Capital Territory

moving to Canberra and the Australia Capital Territory

Often mistaken for the capital of Australia, Canberra is a unique part of the country, one that has a lot more to offer than you might realise.

Political and Administrative Hub

Canberra is the centre of Australian politics and government, providing unique opportunities for those interested in public service and policy.

Cultural and Historical Significance

The city is home to numerous national monuments, museums, galleries and historical sites, contributing to a rich cultural and historical experience.

Low Crime Rates

Canberra consistently ranks as one of the safest cities in Australia in terms of crime rates, making it one of the safer cities to move to.

Clean and Quiet

Canberra’s well-planned layout and lower population density contribute to a clean, quiet, and relaxed urban environment.

Proximity to Nature

The city is surrounded by natural beauty, including the Brindabella Ranges, providing opportunities for outdoor activities like hiking and biking.

Canberra experiences distinct seasons, with cold winters and hot summers, which might not suit everyone’s preferences. It’s also a lot smaller than other major Australian cities, which might lead to a perceived lack of diversity in certain areas like dining and entertainment. The city’s economy is heavily influenced by government activities, and fluctuations in government priorities could impact job opportunities. The job market is viewed as being more specialised and focused on certain industries, particularly those related to government and research.

7. Darwin and the Northern Territories

moving to Darwin and the Northern Territory Australia

Situated at the very top of the country, Darwin provides a very ‘Australian’ way of life, and it’s an area you can really immerse yourself in.

Tropical Climate

Darwin enjoys a tropical climate with warm temperatures year round, making it an attractive destination for those who prefer a warmer environment.

Natural Landscapes

The Northern Territory is known for its stunning natural landscapes, including national parks, the outback, and unique landmarks like Uluru and Kakadu National Park. The region also offers abundant opportunities for outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, boating, and exploring the wilderness.

Aboriginal Culture

The Northern Territory provides opportunities to engage with and learn about Aboriginal culture, art, and traditions.

Relaxed Lifestyle

Darwin’s relatively small population and laid-back atmosphere contribute to a more relaxed lifestyle.

Low Population Density

The Northern Territory has one of the lowest population densities in Australia, which can be appealing for those seeking more open spaces and fewer crowds.

However, though the tropical climate can be appealing, it also brings challenges like high humidity, monsoon rains and cyclone risk during certain seasons. Darwin is also geographically isolated from other major Australian cities, which could lead to longer travel times and potentially higher travel costs if you wanted to explore a lot of the country. Depending on the location, access to medical services and other essential services might be limited.

8. Hobart and Tasmania

moving to Hobart and Tasmania

Though it’s not part of mainland Australia, Hobart in Tasmania is an area worth considering when you make your big international move.

Natural Beauty

Tasmania is known for its breathtaking natural landscapes, including mountains, forests, rivers, and pristine coastlines. The state offers a wide range of outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, fishing, and wildlife watching.

Clean Environment

Tasmania’s relatively small population and focus on environmental conservation contribute to a clean and sustainable living environment.

Cultural Scene

Hobart has a growing arts and cultural scene, hosting festivals, exhibitions, and events that highlight local and international talent.

Food and Drink

Tasmania is renowned for its high-quality produce, including seafood, dairy, and wine. The state’s culinary scene reflects this emphasis on local ingredients.

Relaxed Lifestyle

Hobart’s smaller size and more relaxed pace can be appealing to those who prefer a quieter and less congested urban environment.

As Tasmania is geographically isolated from mainland Australia, you will have to navigate longer travel times and potentially higher travel costs if you want to explore Australia. The job market is also likely to feel smaller and more specialised compared to larger cities, with certain industries dominating the economy. In more remote areas of Tasmania, access to specialised medical services might be limited. Similarly, while there are educational institutions, the variety of choices might be more limited compared to larger cities.

Organising Removals When You Move to Australia

where to live in Australia

As you can see, there is no shortage of places to move to in Australia. Whether you are looking to move to a busy and bustling city, or you want to enjoy a quieter way of life in a rural area, you won’t struggle to find somewhere that ticks every box. Once you have chosen your destination, it’s time to organise moving your belongings from A to B, and this is where we come in.

At United International Removals, we have the experience and knowledge needed to successfully transport everything from the UK to Australia. Visit our removals to Australia page to answer all your questions about move Down Under and get a quote for your move. You can rely on us to handle your removal needs, while you focus on the more exciting elements of moving abroad. Contact us today to find out more.

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